Sunny Leone was shy during love making scenes

News, 25/05/2012
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Sunny Leone is making her Bollywood debut with Mahesh Bhatt’s erotic thriller Jism 2. But the ace filmmaker has surprised everyone when he revealed that the adult sensation Sunny Leone was shy while she shot for lovemaking scenes with Randeep Hooda in the film.

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone was shy in love making scenes

Talking in a recent interview Mahesh said, “I always knew that she is a very shy person. Just because she is a porn star doesn’t mean that she has lost her feminine quality of being shy. During the lovemaking scene with Randeep she was finding it very difficult to do it comfortably.”

“’Jo nazar aata hai wo hota nahin hai’. All that glitters is not gold, all soldiers are not brave, all holy men are not holy and all porn stars are not bold. At times reality is different,” added Mahesh.

Sunny Leone was approached for her role in Jism 2 while she was a contestant in ‘Bigg Boss 5’.

Guys, could you believe the adult entertainer who can scorch the screens with her sheer appearance can shy form lovemaking scenes! But it’s true. Rather everyone on the sets of movie was shocked to realize her shyness.

Mahesh Bhatt, the writer and producer of Jism 2, says, “Everyone was surprised with her shyness, but I understood that it will be difficult for her. It’s not easy to shoot a lovemaking scene; it is a very demanding thing. Those who believed that it would be a cakewalk for her will be shocked by this revelation,”

Jism 2 is a romantic movie that features Sunny as a seductress who is caught between the love triangle.

Talking of Randeep, who has earlier done bold scenes in his previous films, was also uncomfortable shooting intimate sequences with Sunny. Mahesh says, “Even for Randeep it became very challenging although he has shot similar scenes before. One has to understand that it’s not a fighting scene.”

Mahesh informs that Sunny Leone does not want to be just a porn star, she wants to establish herself as an actress in Bollywood. “Sunny is concerned how she will be perceived by the world as an actress because everybody knows her just as an adult star. She wants to be known for something more than that,” he informs.

On this note we wish to remind you Sunny has already signed her next Bollywood film ‘Ragini MMS 2’. Apart from this she has also endorsed a condom brand.

Way to go Sunny!

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